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Material: Cotton and Brass Beads
Length: 13"
Number of Strands: 2

Can be worn as a single 26" necklace.


Necklace of Indian Cotton and Brass

  • This necklace was once a pair of indigo dyed cotton trousers made for a friend and worn during her travels in India. Gifted to me years later and worn through; they became patches, pockets and finally the last scraps became necklaces where you can see a memory of what the fabric once was on the exposed spliced ends.

    The necklace is cabled- its full length folded in half and turned back on itself in the opposite direction to form an incredibly strong spiraling twist. Large brass beads give the necklace a lovely swing.

  • Family heirlooms and sentimental fabrics can make wonderful necklaces. It was with my great grandmother's handkerchief that I first discovered the power of having fabric from loved ones transformed in this way.

    Please reach out if you have something that you would like for me to turn into cordage or if you are interested in learning this ancient technique yourself through one of workshops.


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