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Material: Indigo Dyed Cotton and Brass Beads
Length: 19.5"
Number of Strands: 1

Necklace of Indigo Cotton and Brass

  • A single continuous loop of chunky cotton cordage adorned with raw brass rings.


    There is variation in the depth of the indigo dye along the the length of the necklace giving it a faded denim look.


    The spliced ends are intentionally exagerated and left raw.

  • So much today is thrown away. Garment production contributes significantly to global waste both in the making of materials and the excess clothing that is discarded.


    This piece was made from a small scrap that could easily be overlooked or tossed aside. In making wearable cordage from such offcuts I am honoring the people and the resources it took to bring it into existence.


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