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It is in the detail and quality of fine craftsmanship and the wildness of raw material that I seek the balance.


Trained as a fashion designer at Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in 2001. Graduated with an MBA in Sustainability from Presidio World College in San Francisco among the pioneering cohort. I seek to listen deeply to the needs and values of my clients and the materials.


My exploration of cordage began with learning to twist wild harvested plants with Tamara Wilder. Curious, I applied the process to the abundance of materials in my studio and life. I had held onto my great grandmother’s threadbare handkerchief for decades- precious but altogether unusable. As cordage it became a strong, loving reminder of her- a necklace that I could wear and a process that I could share. 

Orange necklace

Commissions and collaborations are a continuation of the exploration of story, meaning, quality and form. Clients have brought me worn rugs that I have fashioned into storage ottomans, I have incorporated swatches of a grandfather's wool trousers on his granddaughters prayer shawl, guided clients in the indigo dye process as they participate in the making of their own apron, patterned and created a custom airplane cover incorporating cordage tassel as a symbol of protection. What we wear and use and surround ourselves with has the power to bring joy. I am happy that I can be a part of that joy.

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